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Yoga sessions near by the sea


Yoga not only helps to improve one’s physical condition, but also contains other advantages and benefits that no one even imagines.

Some of them are the increased flexibility of the muscles and the spine which ensures the youth of the body and keeps diseases such as osteoarthritis at bay, better balance and posture, reducing stress through meditation and decentralization, improving circulation of the blood which leads to health, well-being and energy, as well as the reduction of excess weight, improving the metabolism at the same time.

It is therefore understood that Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses not only on the physical condition, but also on the spirit. The feeling that the practitioner gets physically and mentally after a Yoga class is unique.

The benefits are multiple and help him enjoy a better quality of life in his everyday life, eliminating all the negative emotions that may bother him.

Location: Karpathos


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